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It’s boring, it makes us laugh, it’s insipid, it provokes us, it’s dead, it’s all around us. No matter what your opinion is, advertising still plays an essential part in connecting sellers to buyers.

Cedar Mesa Music

Cedar Mesa Music Advertising

A half-page ad for Cedar Mesa Music artist Scott August. The ad reflects the brand’s Southwest motif and the artist’s Native American Flute Music.

Sigma Financial Corporation

Sigma Ad

Full page trade ad for Sigma Financial Corporation. The ad was a part of a branded recruitment campaign that also included a brochure, a direct mail campaign and an identity component.

The campaign used a football theme and incorporated Sigma Financial’s colors to showcase Sigma’s “Winning Team.”

The Investment Center

The Investment Center Ad -- First in a series of three

First ad in the series...

A three-ad campaign that appeared in financial advisor trade magazines. The ads were part of a broader recruitment campaign that included three direct mail brochures, a direct mail postcard, a follow-up informational brochure with an enclosing folder, and a website.

The Investment Center wanted its recruitment efforts to attract top producers looking for a different kind of broker/dealer. The campaign of “Discover the Difference” used bright, secondary colors, strong diagonal layouts, and swooping curvilinear forms make the campaign stand out.

The second ad in the series for The Investment Center

the second ad...

The third and final ad in the series for The Investment Center

and the third and final ad.

National Planning Corporation

National Planning Corporation Ad

This trade ad was part of a recruitment campaign that also included three direct mail brochures. The ad and the corresponding direct mail campaign used raw textures and juxtaposed them with bright colors and dynamic color photography to play up the contrast between the prospective recruits’ current dissatisfaction at their current broker/dealer and the “Elite Relationship” they could have at National Planning Corporation.

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ARD offers high quality graphic design and branding – emphasizing sustainability to upscale marketing, public relations and business development firms for their savviest green clients.

Our creative process releases us to follow the trail of energy, water and material resources to anticipate every opportunity to design sustainably.

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