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Andrew Rea Design -- DesignSustainably?

What does it mean?

Basically it means we’ve learned to think differently, just as every business that takes up the green torch thinks differently. It means we help our clients to think sustainably about their marketing methods, their brand development and about how their materials will be created.

What does ARD do to be more Sustainable?

We ask ourselves and our clients questions.

  • Do we need this? Can we live without it?
  • Are there ways to focus on local target markets that reduces travel?
  • Can the project be designed to minimize waste?
  • Can it be smaller, lighter or made from fewer materials?
  • Can it made with post-consumer recycled or reclaimed materials and how much?
  • Is it designed to be durable or multi-functional?
  • Does it use renewable resources?
  • Is reuse practical and encouraged?
  • Are the materials available in a less toxic form? Can it be made with less toxic materials?
  • Are materials available from socially and environmentally responsible companies? Are they made locally?

Answering these questions

Answering these questions and applying the answers to projects involves an adventurous and creative mix of vendors and resources. Some of the resources are as simple as recycled plastics or fabrics made from sustainably managed farms. Other resources may be materials once considered waste and can now be reclaimed as paper sources for your business cards and folders. Following the trail of energy, water and resources in each project is the frame of mind we maintain to catch every opportunity to be ever more sustainable.

In that same frame of mind we add to our network of relationships with vendors that include printers that capture their waste to event companies that use completely organic, compost-able materials.

Beyond these practice principles, we have renovated our studio to be a green working space. With no V.O.C. paints, double pained windows, fluorescent lighting, and furniture from forests maintained by sustainable forestry, where our projects are created is as sustainable as the projects themselves.

Lastly we seek to promote and advance local businesses that employ green ideas and processes by helping develop the Sustainable Business Leadership Council. Visit our work and the resources available there at

Does it really make a difference?

Consider these numbers*…

For 1 bound book project weighing 1,590 pounds, if managed sustainably, the resulting saved waste in delivery and production can be as much as:

15 trees saved,

44 pounds of water waste saved,

6484 gallons of wastewater flow saved,

717 pounds of solid waste saved and

1413 pounds of greenhouse gases prevented.

*Center for Sustainable Design Reverb case study

About Us

ARD offers high quality graphic design and branding – emphasizing sustainability to upscale marketing, public relations and business development firms for their savviest green clients.

Our creative process releases us to follow the trail of energy, water and material resources to anticipate every opportunity to design sustainably.

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