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Case Studies

the ocmls website

Unique branding and website deliver new clients for Orange County Realtors.

Screen shot of the OCmls home page

Home page.

Screen shot of the OCmls home page

Interior page.

The challenge

How do you allow buyers, sellers, and investors to search the Internet for free, while having a uniquely branded experience. And how do you convert those looking for houses, into buyers who want to use you as their agent?

The solution

With its Orange County listings and its OC Web address, the vintage orange crate theme for the website was a natural fit.

Photos of homes among the oranges, the logotype, the slogan for TheOCmls, the tag line, and the navigation have fun with the vintage theme while still conveying the essential branding and navigational information.

Using frames as the structure, while not the best option for SEO optimization, allowed the incorporation of the official MLS listings while still having the unique brand experience. (Update: TheOCmls now links directly to the official MLS site, not in the original frame.)

The result

The result is a fun, clean, professional website that invites buyers, sellers and investors to search real estate listings for free with no hassles and allows TheOCmls to help real buyers who are ready to buy. View the site.

View the site.

vantage financial partners limited capabilities brochure

Sales brochure attracts “C” level executives, looking for trust and expertise, with a high-end design.

Vantage Financial Partners Limited capabilities brochure

Brochure and folder exterior.

The challenge

Catering to “C” level executives in the Chicago area with wealth management issues, Vantage Financial Partners needed a sales presentation that would communicate a high level of stability, trust, and expertise.

The solution

The best approach to the problem was to design a sales brochure and folder that was understated, sophisticated, and classic.

The brochure and folder design incorporated subtle, yet unique features. For instance, the brochure had grommet bindings with a “swatch book” wrap-around back cover, vellum flysheets, and textured uncoated sheets inside.

On the outside, the folder and the brochure used debossing and foiling on the covers and creative use of spot metallic colors and spot varnishes. Throughout the piece, a blue, two-tone color scheme kept the branding consistent while adding visual interest.

The result

The result is a design that is clean, understated, elegant and sophisticated, while the subtle details made it stand out from its peers. The folder and brochure working together allowed Vantage to present timely information with a consistent brand messaging.

Vantage Financial Partners Limited capabilities brochure interior spread

Brochure interior spread. The layout was designed to be spare, uncluttered, and sophisticated so as to appeal to the high-end “C” level executives Vantage was seeking as clients.

Vantage Financial Partners Limited capabilities brochure and folder interior

Brochure and folder interior. The folder pockets are taller than normal. This allowed for a clean presentation of the brochure, plus it allowed for large presentation of the client logo in a clear varnish.

Vantage Financial Partners Limited capabilities brochure logo detail

Detail of the logo that appears on the cover of the brochure and folder. The panel was de-bossed; then a white matte foil was applied for the background with a blue foil overlaid on top. The logo needed to be modified slightly to foil properly. Subtle details like this make this brochure and folder really stand out.

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