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Packaging Graphics

Packaging Graphics work with the shape, size, and material of the package itself to identify and sell the product within. The packaging needs to sell as well as inform the consumer. It is where a brand’s promise meets its reality.

EnGenius Tech Freestyl 1

EnGenius Tech Freestyl 1

Packaging graphics for EnGenius Technologies entry into the consumer marketplace.

merrill lynch asset management

Merrill Lynch Asset Management Fund Tool Kit box

Merrill Lynch Asset Management Fund Tool Kit box

The existing marketing materials for Merrill Lynch securities were a mixture of various designs with no cohesiveness. A design solution was needed to find a way to coalesce the materials without recreating the materials themselves.

The solution was to put all of the existing materials into a enclosing polyvinyl box. The result was Merrill Lynch Fund Tool Kit.

Provue Development Provue 98 Seminar Collection

Provue Development Provue 98 Seminar Collection

ProVUE Development wanted an inexpensive solution for the packaging of its “ProVUE 98” Seminar. The production run of the collection would be very small, so the solution was to add simple labeling to existing consumer CD packaging and custom one-color CD labels. The graphics for the collection continued the branding that was initiated in the direct mail campaign to publicize the event and in the supporting Web page within the existing ProVUE Development website.

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ARD offers high quality graphic design and branding – emphasizing sustainability to upscale marketing, public relations and business development firms for their savviest green clients.

Our creative process releases us to follow the trail of energy, water and material resources to anticipate every opportunity to design sustainably.

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